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What is CBDV?

Kannabidiwarin (CBDV) is one of the cannabinoids, unique to hemp active substances with a wide range of health applications. Kannabidiwarin belongs to propylene cannabinoids and is closely related to CBD.Kannabidiwarin belongs to propylene cannabinoids and is closely related to CBD. Under the influence of temperature and acidic environment, CBDV can be transformed into CBD and THCV. It’s worth remembering that, like most cannabinoids, cannabidivarin is not psychoactive.

Where can we find CBDV?

Cannabidivarin is found in some varieties of hemp and is one of over 100 cannabinoids. Like the whole spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids characteristic for hemp, cannabidivarin occurs in all subspecies and strains of hemp, however, its content will change depending on the place of origin, subspecies, or the way of cultivation and processing of cut plants. The above-average high concentrations of cannabidivarin were detected in cannabis (C. Sativa s. Indica). However, it can be found in both the more common and the basis for the production of all non-psychoactive hemp products – cannabis (C. Sativa).  It’s worth remembering, however, that the content of CBDV in cannabis is low – according to various estimates, about ten times smaller than the CBD. Consequently, to use cannabidivarina, you need to resort to extracts and good quality CBD hemp oils, which will also contain CBDV.

CBDV properties

Due to the structural similarity of CBDV to CBD, its efficacy has been studied in fields where the benefits of cannabidiol are already known. Although there is little research on cannabidivarin, the main one of its potentialities may be indicated: antiepileptic effect. CBDV also works as an antiemetic. As with epilepsy, the researchers recommended further detailed studies of these specific compounds, with particular reference to CBDV. The health properties of cannabis have been known for millennia, however, only recently have we started to identify and recognize the relationships responsible for each effect individually. This knowledge is extremely useful from the pharmaceutical point of view.

We must pay attention to the quality of the selected product, good quality hemp oil CBD must provide access to the full spectrum of beneficial hemp ingredients, thus enabling their effective operation. In good CBD oils, we can find a number of flavonoids and terpenes besides cannabidiol, as well as other, smaller cannabinoids, such as CBDA, CBG, CBC, or just CBDV.