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What is CBD

CBD – amazing properties, the best product.

The most important and basic component of hemp, CBD is the basis of our work. We are constantly encouraged to create products of the highest quality and purity based on its care for your health and safety. It is still being discovered by scientists and we are sure that not once will surprise us with its amazing properties. But you must know much more about it. Just look at the benefits. We will lead you much further. Stay here to read more.

Amazing properties, the best product.

However, what we already know about it allows us to create unique, organic products that show a number of properties that significantly improve the quality of life. We are happy that we are part of this process – CBD has become our driving force and has aroused the love of creating healthy products that are close to our passion for a healthy, natural lifestyle.

What is CBD?

CBD, that is cannabidiol – one of over 80 cannabinoids that can be found in cannabis. It is the opposite of the well-known and popular THC with psychoactive effect – CBD does not show similar activity. Thanks to that, it is completely legal in our country. Apart from its health properties, CBD has one very interesting feature – it has a negative effect on THC and reduces the induced intoxication.

The increasing number of studies on the effectiveness of CBD in the treatment of many diseases causes that more and more doctors recommend the implementation of cannabidiol in the treatment of the patient as a supplement supporting the overall effects of therapy. Its invaluable properties make it a permanent subject of scientific research for many years.

However, what we focus on in our business is its extraordinary health properties, which allow us to improve quality in many areas – this is what is most important to us.

How CBD works?

You’re definitely curious about how it looks from a biological point of view. Many scientists confirm that CBD works directly with our endocannabinoid system, which we mentioned above.

Our body consists of a wide network of chemical compounds and receptors that work to maintain homeostasis or balance in our body and mind. CBD is a kind of switch for these compounds and stimulates them to action. If we do not provide it, the endocannabinoid system works just worse, which we feel directly on our well-being. Just look how the receptors connect to the supplied cannabinoids in our graphics.

How we use CBD nowadays?

On the basis of cannabidiol, today a lot of different products are created in several options to choose from – most often in the form of oils. The form of paste, crystal or dried is also available. Increasingly we meet with the addition of CBD in food products, animal snacks and sweets. We also offer you a number of solutions with its participation – HempKing is characterized by innovation. That is why we do not stop at creating new products with the content of this valuable cannabinoid.

These days, the phenomenon of cannabidiol allows us to claim that this is just the beginning of its magnificence, and we have decided to focus our work on it.