HEMP CBD+ (2-4%)CBD/CBDA – 40g


  • EUR: €8.59

HEMP CBD+ (2-4%)CBD/CBDA – 40g

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  • EUR: €8.59

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  • 2 – 4% CBD/CBDA
  • Hand picked and sorted
  • Rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and phenols
  • Dried by natural methods
  • 100% organic / 100% natural
  • without GMO,
  • for vaporization, infusions, inhalations and create extracts
  • product undergoing constant quality control
  • Weight: 40g





DRIED HEMP CBD+ – natural strengthening of the body in the simplest form

Our DRIED HEMP CBD+ is a herb with the content of valuable cannabinoids, terpenes, flavones and phenols with a very wide spectrum of applications.

Specially for you – collected and sorted by hand, dried in natural ways 100% organic and natural drought.

It does not contain GMO and fertilizers. Available in three capacitive versions.

Contains 2 – 4% CBD/CBDA.

Natural varieties of hemp, which inflorescences are used for the production of herbal dried is a guarantee of many nutrients important for our health.

The richness of resins, fat, natural wax as well as fatty acids, flavonoids or proteins and the power of antioxidants is a guarantee of optimal supplementation based only on organic ingredients.

The product is ideal for preparing aromatic infusions and teas, but also for the kitchen and relaxing bath.

DRIED HEMP CBD+ – properties 

Hemp drought exhibits the following properties:

  • facilitating falling asleep and fighting against insomnia,
  • streamlining the digestive system,
  • analgesic action with particular emphasis on migraine,
  • relaxation,
  • supporting the natural immune system,
  • sustaining the body’s natural energy,
  • improving brain work.


INCI: Flowers and leaves of hemp sowing (Cannabis sativa L.), seeds about 3-5% *

* organic farming.

The main characteristic of dried is its versatility – it can be used in many ways, in a variety of forms, and yet it always works equally effectively.

If you value the unique taste, smell and natural strengthening of the body in a simple but effective form reach for our drought and check how small, tea ritual repeated regularly will be able to effectively improve the quality of your life.

DRIED HEMP CBD+ – ecological cultivation and quality

CBD, which is the basis of our products, we obtain the most modern and the most effective extraction method that guarantees us impeccable quality and biological purity.

We think that everything that is natural is best for us.

It is for this reason that the crops we use are 100% organic, and the growth of cannabis is not stimulated by chemical means.

What is important to us is your safety, that is why each of our products is tested by independent laboratories – we have the appropriate documents, attestations and certificates.

DRIED HEMP CBD+how to use 

The wide spectrum of applications of cannabis herb is one of the most important reasons for its popularity.

Our hemp drought CBD+ is ideally suited, among others down:

  • preparation of aromatic infusions,
  • creating extracts and extracts from herbs,
  • preparation of relaxing herbal baths by adding five tablespoons of dried directly to the bathtub,
  • performing natural inhalation,
  • seasoning and use in the kitchen on a large scale.



1 review for HEMP CBD+ (2-4%)CBD/CBDA – 40g

  1. Nathaniel

    I got it because it was cheap and I was buying some other things here too. And I’ve never been a tea fan before but this one is whole different story. 1 cup before bed and I sleep like a baby. It also tastes nice. I recommend it!

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