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CBD Hash Amnesia Therapy – 5g


CBD Hash Amnesia Therapy – 5g

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  • A 100% natural, organic product, secured from eco-friendly Cannabis sativa L. farms.
  • A legal product produced in Europe.
  • Contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids (CBD, CBDA, CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBGA, THCA, THCV, THC).
  • A high content of CBD and other cannabinoids of over 17%.
  • Has no psychoactive properties (THC below 0.2%).
  • Product of the highest quality, fulfilling all testing standards.
  • Perfect for vaping.
  • Net weight: 5 g.

The presented products are not intended to diagnose, treat or preserve any disease. The effects of product use may vary.

CBD HASH –AMNESIA THERAPY 5 g – Good inhalation with the flavour to match

Our CBD Hash Amnesia Therapy product is pressed resin which is characterised by its high quality and precision of manufacture. Although it contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids (CBD, CBDA, CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBGA, THCA, THCV, THC), it displays no psychoactive effects (THC content lower than 0.2%).

This is a product that is a rich source of rejuvenating ingredients and benefits. The exceptional nutritional profile of the cannabis from which we get hash ensures a broad range of effects. CBD Hash Amnesia Therapy is a 100% natural and organic product, is completely legal, and comes from eco-friendly farms based in Europe. It contains a high concentration of CBD and other cannabinoids at a level of over 17%. Pressed resin is an ideal product for vaporisation, otherwise known as vapour inhalation or vaping.

Each gram of CBD Hash contains up to 170 mg of CBD.


  • Strengthens your concentration, thanks to which it helps you, even during long-lasting mental effort.
  • Improves memory, thereby avoiding problems with forgetting everyday matters
  • Has a fantastic influence on your sense of well-being 
  • Ensures a high level of motivation for your daily activities.
  • Eliminates even intense stress, allowing you to relax effectively.
  • Increases your quality of sleep, thereby improving your mental fitness.
  • Improves your mental and physical condition.

CBD HASH –AMNESIA THERAPY 1 g – ingredients (INCI)

Ingredients: Cannabis sativa L.*

*from eco-friendly farms.

Vapour inhalation, also known as vaporisation/vaping, is one of the most effective methods of delivering cannabinoidol to our bodies. We have prepared three unique flavoured versions of our CBD Hash product just for you – although each of them is characterised by exceptional qualities in flavour and smell, all work equally efficiently and effectively.

Choose from the following four versions: Amnesia Therapy, O.G. Kush Therapy, Sour Diesel or Diamond Medical. Apart from these four flavours, we have also prepared a choice of amounts available to purchase, namely 1 g and 5 g.

CBD HASH –AMNESIA THERAPY – eco-friendly cultivation and quality

We extract CBD using CO2 extraction, the best and most effective method for doing so and which guarantees impeccable quality. The farms used in CBD production are 100% eco-friendly, its biological purity confirmed by the fact that we don’t use artificial fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides or GMO. Our products possess special certification and seals of approval – we carry out additional dermatological testing and every ingredient we use is 100% organic.

Certificate issued by the Fundacion Canna confirming the concentration of CBD in the CBD Hash products we offer.


CBD Hash Amnesia Therapy is a product designed for vapour inhalation or vaping. It has very versatile properties, thanks to which it is guaranteed to be safe in its use and work effectively.

You simply crumble it into small pieces and place it in a dry herb vaporiser. You may also put in between two layers of dried hemp. As this procedure intensifies the effects of both products, it is decidedly through this form that our body absorbs CBD best. 


3 reviews for CBD Hash Amnesia Therapy – 5g

  1. Peter

    The big one is so affordable, good quality too

  2. Harry

    Using this for steam inhalation – really great for that!

  3. Nick

    Really nice resin, looks really good, tastes even better

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