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Privacy policy

Privacy policy and the use of cookies on the https://hempking.eu website

§ 1. General provisions

1. The privacy policy and the use of cookies on the https: //hempking.eu website (hereafter ‘the Policy’) has been drawn up and accepted by Hempking Sp. z o.o, ul. Grzybowska 87, 00-844 Warsaw, Poland, Polish Tax Identity Number (NIP): 527-282-54-67.
2. The following terms used in the Policy are defined as:
Website: the https: //hempking.eu website
User: an individual using the publically available website
Owner: Hempking Sp. z o.o, ul. Grzybowska 87, 00-844 Warsaw, Poland, Polish Tax Identity Number (NIP): 527-282-54-67.
Cookies: text files sent by the Website and saved onto the User’s terminal device which the User uses while viewing internet sites. These files contain information essential for the proper functioning of the Website. Most often, cookies contain the names of the internet website domains from which they come, the duration of time they have stored on the device, and their number;
3. In particular, the aim of the Policy is to:
• Share information with users concerning the use of Cookies on the Website as required by law, including telecommunications law.
• Ensure the protection of Users’ privacy regarding proper standards and requirements as defined in legally binding regulations.
• The Owner will limit the gathering and use of information concerning Users to the necessary minimum required in order to provide services to them.
• With the aim of having full access through the Website to the contents and services being offered by the Owner, it is recommended to accept the regulations resulting from the Policy. These are meant to apply to the following legal regulations:
• The law of 16 July 2004 concerning Telecommunications Law (Polish Journal of Laws 2017, Art. 1907, with amendments)
• The law of 18 July 2002 concerning the provision of electronic services (Polish Journal of Laws 2017, Art. 1219, with amendments)
• The Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 regarding the protection of individuals in relation to the processing of personal data and concerning the free movement of such data, as well as the repeal of Directive 95/46/EC (general regulations concerning data protection) (OJ L 119 of 4 May 2016), along with Polish legal regulations concerning the protection of personal data.

§ 2. Protection of privacy and personal data

1. Data concerning Users are processed by the Owner in accordance with legal regulations. The personal data of the User gained by the Owner are processed on the basis of the agreement given by the User or the occurrence of other indicators authorizing the processing of data in accordance with the law and the EU regulation in particular.
2. The Owner places particular care with the aim of protecting the interests of those whom the data concern, ensuring, in particular, that such data are:
• Processed in accordance with the law, honestly and in a manner which is transparent for customers and others whom the data concern;
• The gathering of data for clear, concrete and legally justified reasons and not to be processed further in ways not in accordance with these aims.
• Appropriate, proper and limited to those aims which are deemed essential regarding their processing;
• Correct and updated if necessary;
• Stored in a form facilitating the identification of those whom the data concern, for a period no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which these data are produced.
• Processed in a manner ensuring proper security concerning personal data, including protection from unauthorized or illegal processing, as well as from accidental loss, destruction or damage with the aid of appropriate technical or organizational means.
3. The Owner will employ appropriate technical or organizational means, ensuring the protection of processed personal data, deemed appropriate to the nature, range, context and aims of their processing, as well as the risk of violating the law or individual freedom.
4. The Owner shall endeavor to systematically modernize the IT, technical and organizational means being used in the protection of such data. In particular, the Owner assures the updating of protective IT tools allowing for protection from viruses, unauthorized access, and other threats resulting from the functioning of the IT system, as well as the telecommunications network.
5. For every User who gives the Owner access to their data in any way, the Owner will ensure access to the data and the use of other rights to individuals whose data this concerns, in accordance with the legal regulations in this area, including those who have the following rights:
• The right to withdraw agreement regarding the processing of personal data
• The right to information concerning their personal data;
• The right to check the processing of data, including their completion, updating, correction and deletion.
• The right to object to processing or to the limitation of processing;
• The right to complain to supervisory bodies and to use other legal means with the aim to protecting their rights.
6. The Owner may process personal data in an automated manner, including through profiling, on the basis of the rules resulting from the EU Regulation. In a case in which the aim of the Owner’s action is for marketing purposes or the necessity to personalize messages to the User (including matching information to the needs or the expectations of the User), the User has the right to object to such processing of their data. Such objections may be expressed by sending an email to the Owner’s email address, namely: info@hempking.eu.
7. Individuals possessing access to personal data may process them exclusively on the basis of the Owner’s authorization, or a contract entrusting them with personal data and only on the orders of the Owner.
8. If the User grants permission to process data for other purposes, such as marketing or the sending of commercial information – the data will be only used for sending emails for information purposes from the www.hempking.eu website. These data shall be stored in the Mailchimp system. Third parties will be unable to have access to them. The User may opt out of receiving such content by sending an email to info@hempking.eu.
9. If the User adds a comment on the www.hempking.eu website, the data provided will not be used for marketing purposes. Such data is stored in WordPress on the zenbox.pl server with the aim of managing their being moderated. Third parties will not have access to this data.
10. Personal data provided while ordering items through the online store shall be used only for requirements related with processing the order and issuing appropriate documents of sale, such as VAT invoices. Access to personal information shall only be given to employees of Hempking Ltd, who have be trained in accordance with the policy of securing personal data and have signed an appropriate commitment obliging them to protect both this and WordPress, the website on which the operations of the online store are based. Data provided while placing orders are processed by HempKing.eu and in respect of the following subjects listed here: Full name; address; telephone number; email address; and indicated as the delivery address sent on to the following courier companies:
a) Poczta Polska
b) Kurier DPD
c) InPost;
as well as the following company providing services related with the issuing of documents of sale, such as VAT invoices for products purchased in the online store:
a) Fakturownia Sp. z o.o, www.fakturownia.pl
11. In the case of using payment by using the internal payment system, all data provided following entering the website of the payment operator are only recorded on its database and are not accessible to or stored by HempKing.eu in any way.
We cooperate with the following payment operators:
a) DotPay, www.dotpay.pl
b) PayPal, www.paypal.com
c) BLIK, www.blikmobile.com
12. The IT system which HempKing.eu uses automatically gathers in its logs data connected with the device being used to connect with Hempking.eu. This data is gathered only for statistical purposes and concern as follows: the type of device; the operating system; the type of browser; screen resolution; color depth; IP address; internet service provider; and the entry address on hempking.eu; and are only used in the process of optimizing hempking.eu with the aim of ensuring the User’s greatest comfort while using the site.

§ 3. Cookies

1. Cookies identify the User, which allows one to match the contents of the site they are using to their needs. In remembering their preferences, it facilitates the appropriate matching of content to them, including advertising. The Owner uses Cookies in order to guarantee the appropriate standard of comfort in using the Website, while the gathered data are only used internally by the company with the aim of optimizing operations.
2. Cookies are used for the following purposes:
• Matching the contents of the Website to the preferences of the User;
• Optimizing the use of the Website, particularly by recognizing the User’s terminal device.
• Producing statistics
• Maintaining the session of the User
• Delivering advertising content to the User
3. Cookies may be stored on the Website User’s terminal device.
4. The gathered data are used for monitoring and checking in what the User uses the Website in order to improve the functioning to the Website, ensuring more effective and unproblematic site navigation.
5. It should be remembered that in some cases, not depending on the Owner, software installed by the User on their terminal device, used for browsing internet sites (such as browsers) store cookies by default on the User’s terminal device. Users may change the settings concerning Cookies at any time. These settings may be changed in such a way, among other things, so as to automatically block Cookie settings or inform the User each time they are stored on their terminal device. Detailed information in this regard is available in the settings and instructions concerning the software (internet browsers).
6. At any moment, the User has the option of switching off or switching back on the gathering of cookies by changing the settings in the internet browser.
7. A change of settings constitutes an expression of one’s opposition which may cause difficulties in using the Website in the future. Completely switching off the option to accept Cookies shall not mean the lack of a possibility to view content placed on the Website with the proviso for that content whose access requires one to log in.
8. Not making changes to settings shall mean that the data will be stored on the User’s terminal device (using the Website will result in Cookies being automatically stored on the User’s terminal device).
9. The storage of data on the User’s terminal device will not cause changes to the configuration of the User’s terminal device or to the software installed on this device.
10. Information concerning Cookies may also be applied to other similar technologies used as part of the Website.
11. Google Analytics Cookie files facilitate the operations of the function for this tool. This software helps one secure and analyze information regarding the type of browser being used; the number of visitors; the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and the duration of certain visits. This information is used to improve the www.hempking.eu website.
12. Facebook Cookie files facilitate the operations of the statistical function of this website. This software helps secure and analyze information regarding the effectiveness of marketing campaigns employed. This information is used to improve the www.hempking.eu website, as well as match up advertising on Facebook.
13. Google AdWords Cookie files facilitate the operations of the function for this tool. Google AdWords uses Cookies technology with the aim of facilitating assessments of improvements and the effectiveness of advertising activities conducted using AdWords. This information is used to improve the www.hempking.eu website.
14. Cookie files are never connected with the data provided by the User which were discussed in Section 2 of this privacy policy and only constitute material for statistical analysis and mechanisms for correcting system errors.
15. These files do not store any information of a confidential nature.

§ 4. Final provisions

1. The Policy was accepted by order of the Owner and came into force on 8 November 2017. Changes to the contents of the Policy may occur in the same manner
2. All deviations from the Policy must be made in writing under pain of nullity.
3. The governing law of the Policy is the law of the Republic of Poland.
4. In matters not regulated by the Policy, the relevant laws will apply.
5. While HempKing selects its business partners very carefully, it is not responsible for the standards and privacy protection policies employed by owners, operators or administrators on their websites. We recommend one checks out these companies in their own way.