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Our values

Our company is directed by values we hold dear. Everything we produce is based on several principles which are not only crucial for us but constitute the foundation of what we make for you and want to pass on to others.

What are these values?


Your health is the most important thing to us! This a priority which was born from our own beliefs and ideas and one which is deeply embedded in our hearts.

Harmony with nature

We firmly say NO to chemical agents and are continuously seeking out safe and natural solutions as part of our concern for your health and happiness.


We desire to provide you not only with products of impeccable quality but also with the beliefs and ideas we hold dear so as to able to make it easier for you to make decisions concerning your choice of path in life.


The results of our laboratory tests are placed in the public domain and we provide advice so that the choice presented is of greatest benefit to the customer.

Modern methods and innovation

We use the most modern production technology and apply the production process to our current needs and requirements.

Customer service

This is our top priority – meaning your health, well-being and happiness. This is why, apart from the products themselves, we offer you individual advice, care and straight talking.

Legal products

We direct our operations based on the requirements of Polish law, while every product we offer is in accordance with safety standards and norms.

We also try to pass on our values to you so as to show you how to live in harmony with nature while gaining the most of what it has to offer.

You can be sure with us that you’ve made the right choice!