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Company history

In love with health

It has been known for a long time that the best effects of work are brought by love and passion for their actions. Only mutual understanding, respect, support and following in the same direction creates a good composition – a team created by people for people.

History signed by four paws.

The history of establishing HempKing’s company is difficult and it did not start happily like most brands. Fate was not always kind to its founders. They themselves went through a difficult and painful path to be in the place where they are today. One event in their lives, which not only dramatically changed their views and beliefs in the field of medicine and pharmacology, but significantly changed their current lifestyle. That was enough.

Imagine that everything started with four paws close to their heart …

From losing hope … to the CBD.

Exceptionally beautiful, massive pitbull, for many years has enjoyed his owners with great charisma and activity. Nobody suspected that this healthy, 30 kg hairy family member would face problems beyond the possibilities and strength of its owners. Suddenly, something changed, a careful observation began, searching for help and diagnosis. The wets’ judgment was cruel and ruthless – epilepsy.

Traditional treatment or cannabinoid supplementation?

Immediately, the treatment of a sick dog began, whose attacks deepened in their frequency and strength from day to day.

Has the pharmacological treatment given anything? Certainly yes, but the benefits were so small that they did not give a chance to return to the proper functioning of the puppy. Side effects associated with taking medication were enormous. This ultimately meant that the owners of the dog have taken an active search for alternative methods of treatment.

This is where Iza and Damian got to know the mysterious “hero” in their lives – CBD oil, which was the beginning of a new, ever-lasting, amazing adventure with this wonderful plant.

Kimbo, the one who changed everything.

A pure accident or a fate?

One thing is certain, after only 2 weeks of systematic use, cannabidiol weakened the strength and frequency of attacks occurring in Kimbo. Why is this story so special? These people, based on their own experiences and experiences, believed in the precious power of the oil. Plants, which by its action and wide range is able to save many lives, enabling a dignified life and functioning in society.

Or maybe … help others too?

They believed to the point that in time they decided to create the HempKing company and start their own oil production, which saved the life of their dearest pet.

For many years, they devote every free moment to deepening the knowledge of medical marijuana, keeping up to date with all the results of current research on the effectiveness and influence of cannabidiol in the treatment of many diseases in both humans and animals.

Only facts. Only experience.

They are confident in their actions. This belief in the miraculous properties of the oil causes that each year they attract an increasing number of loyal customers to them. Support in the treatment and improvement of the standard of living of patients is the mission of the company’s owners.

Without exaggerated agitation and writing unproven information.

The truth supported by our own experience is the best proof that the team’s actions are right.