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Company history

From finding love to achieving health

The best results of your work come when you merge love and passion with what you do. Mutual understanding, respect, support and a desire to travel in the same direction create a beautiful combination. That’s what our team is like, one which was created with people in mind and to serve them.

A story written with four paws

HempKing was founded through adversity, with distinctly inauspicious beginnings. Fate was not always kind to us and we had to walk a tough road to get to where we are today. Despite this, we stood by the company, passionate about what we do. It only took one event in our lives which not only diametrically changed our attitudes and faith in medicine and pharmacology, but caused us to change our lifestyle up to then in a significant way. And to think that it was all begun by a beloved ball of fur with four paws.

From losing hope to finding CBD

For many years, our exceptionally beautiful and massive pitbull had given us so much joy with his extraordinary energy and charisma. No one supposed that this healthy 30-kilo furry member of the family would encounter problems that were beyond our strength and capabilities. Everything changed so suddenly, followed by close observation and the search for a diagnosis and a solution. The experts’ verdict  was cruel and ruthless – epilepsy.

Traditional treatment or cannabinoid supplementation?

We immediately decided to treat our sick dog who was experiencing more frequent fits day by day, which was sapping joy from life for both us and the animal itself. So did using pharmacological drugs do anything? Absolutely, although the benefits of giving them were so slight that there was no chance of the dog returning to being able to function properly.  Apart from that there were enormous side effects connected with taking them. This is why we decided to seek out other ways of treating our furry friend.

It was then we got to know our secret ‘hero’ – CBD oil. The substance was the beginning of a amazing new adventure with that wonderful plant which hemp is, and adventure which has lasted until today.

Kimbo, the dog who changed it all

Pure coincidence or destiny?

Although we don’t know the answer, one thing is certain: after just two weeks of systematically using cannabidiol, both the intensity and frequency of Kimbo’s epileptic fits decreased. Why is this story exceptional? Because it was us that that decided to believe in this precious oil based on our own experience. We got to know this plant whose effects and broad reach is able to able to save many lives, allowing them to lead dignified lives and function as part of society.

We believed in it to such a degree that in time we took the decision to establish the HempKing company and commence production of our own oil, that which had saved the life of our beloved pet. For many years now, we have devoted every free moment to deepening our knowledge about hemp by keeping up with all the results of current research regarding the effectiveness and impact of cannabidiol in the treatment of many diseases, both in people and animals.

Only verified facts and experiments

We are sure about what we do and the products we make. This conviction concerning the amazing properties of CBD oil has resulted in us attracting more and more fans of this substance year after year.

Our mission is to help you, support you in treating your condition, and improve your ability to function.

We are driven by our own experience which allows us to believe that what we do is right.