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Give your loved ones health!

Christmas is the time to give your loved ones unique gifts, and the most important thing we all need is health.

On this occasion, with special care we have prepared for you unique Christmas sets of our products.

Everything at the best Christmas prices. Check on your own!

Small Happy
to 150 zł


Full of Joy
to 300 zł


Full Health
from 400 zł


Small Happy
to 150 zł


Did you know that the tea ritual was aimed not only at entertainment or therapeutic properties? The careful process of brewing and drinking in concentration was to be an expression of the Zen faith. So why not take advantage of the wisdom of the East?

CBD Hash 1g + DRIED HEMP+ 40g

Stressed by the upcoming Christmas fever? Or maybe there are deadlines in the job because the end of the year is behind the belt? We have prepared the perfect set for winter evenings in the form of CBD hash and CBD dried.

2x CBD Hash 1g (O.G.Kush + Amnesia Therapy)

Treatment with inhalants is one of the best treatments for colds, bronchitis and sinusitis. As you know, inhalers or vaporizers are used for this purpose. To make the treatment more effective, we recommend adding our CBD hash, which is ideally suited for vaporization.

Hemp salve CBD 30ml + Hemp dried CBD + 40g

Your winter skin is dry and tense? Are you still struggling with AZS, psoriasis or eczema? Or maybe someone from your loved ones is struggling with these problems? You and your loved ones, you can fight it today, using our cannabis hemp CBD Salve externally.

Hemp oil 5% + DRIED HEMP+ 40g

Our best-selling product, CBD oil in a set with a drought is the perfect gift for you and your loved ones. If you do not know what gift for Santa and Christmas, choose to give health, because this is never too much. The highest quality, derived from organic crops, oil taken orally and dried, in the form of eg tea, will provide a wide range of benefits.

Full of Joy
to 300 zł

CBD Hash 1g + Hemp oil CBD 5%

Autumn and winter is the time when our immunity needs additional protection against bacteria and viruses. We know from now on that prevention is better than cure, so fill up your first aid kit or give our friend a packet.

2x Hemp oil CBD Oil Natural 5%

Enjoy the benefits of CBD longer. Share the unique action of cannabis with your loved ones. Do you work in a corporation and stress you? Do you see how brave grandparents fight with rheumatism? Get an additional weapon to fight these ailments.

zestaw świąteczny

Hemp salve CBD 50ml + CBD hemp oil 5%

When the window is freezing cold, our skin requires special care, because it is very vulnerable because it is exposed to wind and low temperatures and dry indoor air. Help your skin move to a higher level of beauty with our Christmas set of CBD ointments and CBD oil, which will help her, in a double way, fight autumn and winter ailments.

Hemp oil 10% + DRIED HEMP CBD + 40g

A unique set that will help your body in winter. Our best-selling oils, the essence of cannabis in combination with the highest quality drought will strengthen immunity, relieve pain and soothe the nerves. It’s the perfect solution in the fight against depression or anxiety.

3x Hemp oil CBD Oil Natural 5%

Provide yourself and your loved ones with supplying CBD oil for longer with our Christmas package. When stress eats you, you struggle with chronic pain or autumn-winter darkness makes you depressed, and the cold penetrates the joints and intensifies rheumatism.

Full Health
from 400 zł

Hemp oil CBD 15% + Hemp oil CBD 5%

A package of our top CBD oils, so you can enjoy the benefits of hemp therapy for longer. Buying more, you pay less for products rich in valuable omega3, omega6, omega9 and favonoids.

CBD PASTE Green 30% + Hemp oil CBD 5%

Unique CBD paste with a full spectrum of cannabinoids, in a highly concentrated form and our top oil is a great gift set and not only for those who need a high dose of CBD.

2x Hemp oil CBD Oil Natural Plus 10%

A double pack of CBD oil you can share with your loved one. Enjoy the solace of using hemp oil while providing the body with important omega acids, phenols, flavonoids and terpenes.

2x Hemp oil CBD Oil Natural Strong 15%

Who among us has not once dreamed about the potions of life? Who was not afraid of gray hair or the first wrinkle? Who did not feel sad seeing how rheumatism and gout torment grandparents? And finally … Whose grandmother, mother, aunt or sister did not spend the critters on wonderful creams promising youth?

3x CBD Paste Green 30%

The triple packet of concentrated CBD paste is the perfect set for people who need really strong natural support in health problems.

3x CBD Paste Gold 50%

The CBD Paste GOLD package with the highest concentration of CBD is intended mainly for people fighting cancer, but not only. Cancer treatment is the backbreaking work of the whole body to get rid of the intruder, which is based mainly on chemotherapy and radiology, but research has shown that CBD is a great supporter of it.