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CBD Production

The best quality, the purest extract

Supercritical CO2 extraction is the best and most gentle method of extraction, thanks to which we obtain oils rich in cannabinoids, thereby the best quality end-product biologically speaking.

Currently, CO2 extraction is the most modern and efficient method of obtaining oils, which, thanks to their use, maintain the full spectrum of natural ingredients that have a positive influence on our body.

What do we gain from using the CO2 extraction method?

– A product with the best possible purity and biological quality.
– The possibility to obtain the maximum amount of health-giving substances.
– No need to use chemical substances detrimental both to the product and our health.
– An end-product with a wealth of cannabinoids without interfering in the natural structure and ingredients of hemp.

Before selecting the product most suitable for you, it is worth paying attention to the process used to obtain the oil – it frequently turns out that the use of other methods may significantly deteriorate the quality of the product and thereby lower its health-giving effects.

Our production process

The characteristic features of our production process is, above all, as follows:

– The supercritical CO2 or carbon dioxide extraction method, which, due to its properties, allows one to obtain the best and most beneficial compounds for the body without the use of any substances of a chemical origin whatsoever or solvents which could leave trace amounts in the end product..

– We only use tried and tested eco-friendly farms.
– Hand picked, sorted and dried hemp.
– No use of artificial fertilisers, GMO or pesticides.
– Testing of the entire production process by independent laboratories.

Product origin is important!

The origin of our hemp is a crucial aspect for us – we only accept it from plantations from the cleanest corners of Poland which are completely eco-friendly, thanks to which we can guarantee the impeccable quality and biological purity of our products.

These are exceptional farms which are based on:


Using methods which are the best for the environment.


Maintaining a high level of biodiversity.


Protection of the natural world.

The hemp we select has at no point been grown with the use of artificial fertilisers.

The CBD we offer has not been subjected to any chemical processes – it is a 100% organic product, free of GMO, pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals.