Natural relief? Check out the properties of CBD

The properties of CBD were already known in ancient times. Why CBD? It is a natural ingredient of true hemp, which should not be confused with THC. Unlike this narcotic substance, cannabidiol does not cause addiction and has many beneficial properties – also for the human mind.  PROPERTIES OF CBD – HOW IT WORKS Cannabidiol influences

How to tell the difference between good and bad hemp oil?

The Polish hemp products market is growing at a dizzying pace. Growing customer awareness, but also general interest in alternative treatment methods make the number of manufacturers of such products grow rapidly every month. We are aware of the fact that for a person who has never had any contact with the subject before, the

CBD ointment for atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema

cbd oil

Over the centuries, cannabis oil has gained its numerous merits and widespread use in tradicional medicine. All this thanks to the wide spectrum of cannabidiol treatment in many ailments as well as in the care of persistent changes on the skin of the whole body. This natural method each day gains new supporters who are

How to quit smoking? Is CBD an effective method of quitting smoking?

Quitting smoking and CBD. Smokers’ reactions to nicotine and smoking cessation symptoms. Although many European countries have taken a fierce battle with this cruel, destructive addiction to nicotine, it is really only the smoker and his motivation to quit smoking that depends on achieving success in this area. What makes a person can not refuse

CBG and its anti-cancer qualities.

Regardless of our age, social status or gender, we have one inseparable trait that is not measured by any contemporary factor – health. It determines the quality and length of our lives. Health, which can not be bought with any money, is the key to achieving full happiness. Let’s notice – it is health that

Top 30 uses of hemp oil

Its popularity is constantly growing. In fact, there is no longer a person who never even heard about the possibility of using hemp oil. We think, analyze, look for information and seek the advice of specialists. Increasingly, we encounter reports and relations of other people who share the positive experience resulting from the implementation of

The synergy effects of CBD and CBG

Imagine that you are now sitting in your work and you have an incredibly difficult project ahead of you. That would have gone much better if your boss sent someone to help. Of course – you are also effective alone, but every two heads are more than one, right? It will go much nicer and

CBD and depression. Anxiety and cannabinoid supplementation.

CBD and depression. Anxiety and cannabinoid supplementation. These are two topics that you ask us most often. Today we decided to develop this topic as much as possible. Demanding, full of rush and stress, the times in which we have to function, have been the cause of psychological disorders for a long time. Everyday chase,

Dry hemp (CBD) – a remedy for autumn ailments.

Dry hemp is one of the products in our offer, which we can use in several ways, although this is of course only one of many advantages. Its use brings with it a number of benefits that will work exceptionally well at this time of the year. Autumn, which is a very demanding season for