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Sourcing and sales

We help farmers at every stage
of industrial hemp production in Poland

The main goal of our work is to popularize cannabis on the highest possible industrial scale.
As a certified entity authorized to receive cannabis seeds, we offer the possibility of contracting cannabis sativa L. plantations. Based on many years of experience of our experts in the field of the most effective cultivation techniques and a flawless selection of cannabis strains, we are ready to pass our knowledge to farmers who will surely soon become passionate about this unique plant. We have no doubt that every cooperation will bring fruitful yields and profits.

Nowadays, where the popularity of cannabis products is growing at an amazing pace, seeds, a shard, roots, leaves and flowers create a comprehensive market value.
HempKing is the foundation of every well-developed production.

We offer our farmers

  • Long-term purchase of agricultural produce on the basis of a bilateral agreementj

  • Professional expert advice  on formal issues + grant applications

  • Unlimited assistance and support of specialists at every stage of production

  • Direct collection of received raw material at attractive prices

Harvesting of hemp is not a complicated task.
Cannabis Sativa L. do not require a lot of work and commitment from the farmer. The lack of necessity to use any plant protection means limits agricultural work to field preparation, sowing and harvesting.
We will prepare an attractive purchase price offer for certified organic farms.

Information on the cultivation of cannabi sativa L .:

  • The plant on most positions in our climate reaches 1.5-3 m height, but there are also lower varieties reaching 1.5-2 m


  • Available results and statistics from previous years show that cannabis cultivation can bring a profit that falls
    within 4-5 thousand PLN per hectare.


  • The cost of certified sowing material is 7-12 to 32 PLN per kg, while the purchase price of grain after harvest is about 4000 PLN per ton. In domestic purchase, straw was sold for PLN 340-380 per ton or PLN 400-420 for foreign purchases. Average grain yields range from 300-1000 kg to 1500 kg on good-cultured soils and 6-10 to 15 tonnes of straw.


  • Sowing of hemp falls in the second half of April using standard grain sowing machines.
    Suggested seeding rate is in the range of 15 – 30 kg, so you should sow for a textile fiber (about 60 kg)
    or for building materials (about 40 kg).

We are looking for farmers willing to cooperate in the 2018/2019 season

The initial phase of the cooperation process consists of:

• the farmer declaring via e-mail the will to reach an agreement.
An email should be sent to: info@hempking.eu/wpmltest info@hempking.eu/wpmltest
• It should contain information necessary to further discussions
  on the location and number of hectares dedicated to the cultivation of hemp.
Our company will contact selected farmers to conclude a cooperation agreement.

The history of true hemp

Cannabis Sativa L. is a species of one-year old grass plant
from the cannabis family. The name of cannabis is derived from the Dutch word ‘canvas’. The main source of cannabis growth is the sun, and the possible achievable height of the plant in one season is 1.5 – 3 m.
Hemp is undoubtedly the most valuable, renewable gift of our planet, and its greatest values are seeds, flowers, fiber and shives.

The history of true hemp in Poland and abroad is long and complex, yet very interesting. What stopped the worldwide industrial use of this mystical plant, which for hundreds of years was a universal medicine, the main source of protein and the raw material in the production of paper, fibers, fabrics, sails, ropes and heating oil?

“The earliest known fabric was apparently made from hemp, which began to be used
in the eighth millennium BC “- Columbia History of the World

The Slavic times were the heyday of cannabis and their popularity in many areas of Polish life. In addition to the impact on the economic and medical plane, cannabis formed a significant symbolism in the sphere of spirituality and cult rituals. Poland is privileged to be among the few countries where research has already been carried out in the area covering the production of fibers, agricultural techniques and methods of using the obtained raw material already in the pre-war period. Reliable sources say up to 30,000 ha of agricultural hemp (1960). Cannabis hemp is characterized by a multitude of forms, and those grown on the territory of the Republic of Poland in their composition contain a small amount of THC (<0.2%), which makes them substances lacking in psychoactive properties. Unfortunately, the stricter Polish law in the field of anti-drug laws did not favor Polish farmers in the development and escalation of cannabis crops.

In spite of the negligible THC content in industrial hemp, legal restrictions efficiently prevented farmers from continuing the long tradition of hemp cultivation in our country.
It’s time for a change now! The growing popularity of hemp products and the increasing number of studies which confirm their efficiency and versatility have made us take action and address formal issues. As a result, we offer unlimited access to completely organic hemp plantations which are free from fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

Industrial uses of true hemp:

  • Food industry: hemp oil and hemp food,
  • Pharmacology: CBD oils, CBG oils, painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, antioxidants, antipsychotics, antispasmodics and anticonvulsants,
  • Clothes: fabrics, textiles and clothes,
  • Automotive: bodywork components,
  • Construction: environmental home insulation with hemp scraps,
  • Paper: paper production,
  • Fuel: biomass production,
  • Cosmetics: anti-wrinkle, purifying and skin care properties,
  • Waste disposal: animal and bird feed.