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Who we are?

HempKing is a company with passion and love for products made of cannabis sativa. At HempKing, we focus on innovation and flexibility. Our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality products that will help them to maintain health for body and soul!

In the production process of we use only natural components, pure extracts of the highest quality. In this matter, we do not compromise, that’s why our products lead on the local and global market.

All our products are thoroughly examined by external laboratories, and the results of the analysis are public, that is why our clients are sure that they receive a product that meets their expectations.

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Why US?

We love our products

Highest quality

Professional Service

Concentration guarantee of CBD

All our products are tested by independent laboratory units!

We work with laboratories that use the latest technologies and guarantee that the products offered by us are of the highest quality and with a clear conscience they can reach your homes.

The results of laboratory tests can be found in product descriptions.

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To keep your body in good condition, you must provide it with the necessary nutrients in appropriate amounts and proportions.

Adequate supplementation combined with physical activity helps maintain vitality and keep the body healthy.

Our company recommends healthy lifestyle and the use of natural products!

Health from nature

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